About me

Hello! My name is Ana and I am a teacher of Spanish for children. I am accredited as a DELE examiner for children by the Instituto Cervantes and I have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language at a trilingual primary school in Germany for the last 10 years, where I teach all subjets of the primary curriculum in adapted Spanish. I create my own activities and materials, some of which I share here in my blog.

Ana Profe de Español

Not only as a teacher but also as a mum living abroad, I am aware of the advantages and difficulties of the bilingual education. Heritage Spanish and second language teaching has been for me a subject of profound study in the last years, driven by a professional and personal motivation. I attend regularly seminars, workshops and courses on the topic run by different institutions, such as Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Instituto Cervantes or ELECI among others.

Paseando en la naturaleza Frankfurt

In order to learn a language in a meaningful way, it is necessary to use it and live it. Moving, laghing, doing, feeling. Every person and every kid is unique and has a unique way of learning. I understand that my duty as a teacher is to guide and accompany them intelectually and emotionally to help them manage their own learning.

Caracol col col saca los cuernos al sol

A Coruña, Salamanca and Frankfurt: my three cities and my three families. My life and my heart are divided between these three points of spanish and german geography. Three different perspectives of the world that soak my cultural values and the map of my feelings. Three routes that remind me where I am, whrere I come from and where I want to go.

Coruña Frankfurt Salamanca