At Pequespanish, your child will learn spanish having fun. The affective factor is key when learning a language. That is why I encourage the children in a safe enviroment to give them the confidence they need to start communicating and learning. Thanks to the customized lessons with the focus on their personal interests and goals, I engage the child to spark the motivation they need for achieving a meaningful and effective learning.

Ana Pequespanish en la clase online

At Pequespanish we offer two kinds of lessons

Spanish as a Foreign Language

Spanish as a foreign language_Online lessons for children_Pequespanish

These lessons are for you if:

  1. Your Kid learns Spanish at school and wants to improve his/her level.
  2. You often spend your holidays in Spain and you want your child to be able to communicate.
  3. You recently moved to Spain but your child needs some help with Spanish.
  4. You want your child to learn the second most spoken language in the world in a fun and effective way.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Spanish for Heritage Speakers_Online lessons for children_Pequespanish

These lessons are for you if:

  1. You are a bilingual family but your child has trouble speaking.
  2. You live abroad and want your child to have more exposure to his/her heritage language.
  3. Your child goes to a monolingual school with the majority language and you want him/her to receive the same input in Spanish.
  4. Your child speaks Spanish fluently but you want him/her to improve his/her writing and/or reading skills.

With our lessons your child can:

Learn Spanish and have fun

Connect positive emotions to the language

Activate Spanish and start speaking

Be exposed to the language outside the domestic atmosphere

Learning relevant and interesting content using Spanish as the communicative channel

Learn to write and speak accurately

¿Cómo son las clases?


Diverse ressources and strategies, short sections to manage motivation

A tu medida

Level? Learning style? Interests? You decide what you need


Fun and play is the heart of meaningful learning in children


Activities that create a communicative need to motivate the child to start speaking


We encourage children to let their imagination fly

¿Qué ofrecen las clases?

Ambiente seguro

Safe atmosphere
Your child feels accepted and safe to participate actively

Átmosfera positiva

Positive enviroment
The teacher provides a happy atmosphere and children receive positive encouragement

Aprendizaje a través de contendos

Content integrated learning
Art, music, science, literature and ethics in spanish adapted to your child’s level and age


Your child is bilingual and bicultural but… can s/he read and write accurately in Spanish? Method for Heritage Speakers

La lengua se aprende haciendo riendo bailando sintiendo

A language is learnt by doing, laughing, dancing, feeling

Besides the lessons, I offer a trimestral meeting with the parents to:

  1. Analyse the individual linguistic situation your child sits on
  2. Guide you and give you tips on the best linguistic strategy for your bilingual family
  3. Monitoring the development of your child in the learning process

Do you have any questions?

The trial lesson is free

Do you have any questions? The trial lesson is free. Check the dates and pick the best one for you to talk to me live.